Colette Lynch, Chapter Administrator

Executive Director
Colette & Associates

 Colette joined the AFP Utah in September 2015. With 10+ years of experience managing a number of professional associations, she brings a wealth of knowledge of how associations like ours operate and grow.

About Colette:
After 20+ years in the corporate world of business credit, collections and accounting, she found her true talent to be organizational. She became responsible for business meetings, employee socials and customer appreciation events. Colette’s attention to detail and amazing organizational skills led to outside event planning opportunities and requests for contract work.

In 2006, Colette made the move to form her own business, specializing in the administration of Organizations, Associations, Clubs and Non-Profits. Her hard work and attention to even the smallest of details, has made her a huge success with all her clients.

Colette is a wife, mother of 6 daughters, grandmother to 14 wonderful children and friend to everyone she meets. She loves spending time with family and friends; and planning her next getaway adventure.

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