Cassie Taylor

Programming Co-Chair

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Develompent Director
ACLU of Utah

Cassie enthusiastically joined the team at the ACLU of Utah in November 2016, one day before the Presidential Election. Cassie has been a performing artist and competitive pianist since she was 7 years old. She is part of the performing ensemble The Ladies in Red, and has performed in New York, Washington D.C., California, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Prior to coming to the ACLU of Utah, she was an Adjunct Assistant Professor on the Piano Faculty at the University of Utah, as well as the Music Department Chair at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts.

During her time at the University of Utah, Cassie restructured and expanded what is now the University of Utah Piano Outreach Program, serving several schools in the Salt Lake City School District by providing free after-school piano lessons to over 250 children in Title 1 elementary schools. While at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, Cassie worked closely with many young students in the LGBTQ community and helped the school educate others about transgender youth. She has often been humbled and inspired by the perseverance, activism, and courage of her students, elementary and high school alike, and she is proud to have been a part of their development.

Cassie’s performance, educational, and career experiences have exposed her to underserved and victimized populations, bringing School-to-Prison Pipeline, LGBTQ Equality, Racial Justice, and Student Rights to the forefront of her advocacy. She is proud to be a member of the ACLU of Utah and its staff, and she is grateful for the opportunity to be learning how to most effectively facilitate change in Utah.