Crisis Donors: How to manage them and make them life-long organizational donors

Thank you to those who attended our June AFP Workshop on Crisis Donors with the Park City Community Foundation. Below, please find a recording of the event. Please find the chat and recording from the event below.

If you have any questions regarding the Crisis Donors Workshop or Park City Community Foundation, please contact Alexis Brotherton, PCF Corporate Partnerships & Development Manager, at.


00:22:42 Ryan Baldwin: Live PC Give PC is amazing, on top of everything else you guys do!
00:25:04 Diego Zegarra (he/him): hi all! Quick intros: name, role, organization :)
00:31:20 Kitty Northrop Friedman (She/her/hers): Sally you cut out. We can circle back if needed!
00:32:06 Lindsay Nelson, She/Her/Hers: Congrats Andrea! That's so exciting!
00:33:27 Laura Chynoweth, Granted Fundraising Consultants: I'll be turning my video off intermittently to mitigate a poor wifi connection this morning, but I'm here! :) So happy to meet you all.
01:14:59 Diego Zegarra (he/him): lots of awareness raised in 2020!
01:15:54 Alexis Brown Brotherton (she/her/hers): Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or thoughts in the future - . Happy to connect you with my colleagues at Park City Community Foundation.
01:16:08 Sandy Craft: Thank You!!
01:16:09 Laura Chynoweth, Granted Fundraising Consultants: Thank you so much, Kitty and Diego!
01:16:15 Kitty Northrop Friedman (She/her/hers): Thank you!
01:16:18 Ryan Baldwin: Yes, thank you!
01:16:19 Diego Zegarra (he/him): Thank you for having us!
01:16:23 Lindsay Nelson, She/Her/Hers: Thank you Kitty and Diego! And thanks to everyone for joining!
01:16:23 Rachel Robertson:
01:16:32 Anna Edelman: Thank you so much!