Fundraising Day Awards

Patti N. Choate Award Recipients

This award is in recognition of lifetime achievement in the fundraising profession. This honor is granted to the individual based on success and longevity in fundraising and service to USFR and the community. Nominations are reviewed and selected by former award recipients and past USFR presidents.

  • 2021 - Carolyn Buma
  • 2018 - Kai Wilson
  • 2016 - Sharon Goodrich
  • 2014 - Rebecca Heal
  • 2012 - Stephen R. Warner
  • 2010 - Heidi Woodbury
  • 2008 - Art Swindle
  • 2006 - M. Scott Mietchen

Outstanding Development Award Recipients

This award is given to three development professionals who have exhibited exceptional skill and effectiveness in their roles as fundraising professionals. Individuals are judged on the scope of their job responsibilities and their recent major achievements and accomplishments during the 2 years previous to Fundraising Day. Nominations are reviewed and selected by the current Fund Raising Day Awards Committee.


Melissa Mathews

Jessica Nelson

Scott Olson


Kim Correa


Karin Hardy
Amberlie Phillips


Celeste Eggert
Nancy Eaves
Dinny Trabert


Donald Dunn
Aimee Dunsmore
Karen Thurber


Lisa Fall
Lori Piscopo
Heidi Sheridan


Marilyn Davies
Michelle C. Flynn
Marcie Hopkins

2006 Awards

(These were discontinued in 2008 with the creation of the Outstanding Development Officer Awards)

Individual Development Program Award: David Eccles School of Business & The Madeline Choir School

Development Communication Publication: Health Sciences University of Utah

Development Communication Campaign: Utah Food Bank

Community Spirit Award: Pete Ashdown and J. Michael Mattsson