USFR Organization Spotlight: Tracy Aviary

12 May 2015

Located in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Tracy Aviary offers exciting bird shows, beautiful exhibits, and is an accessible, enjoyable place for families to enjoy.

Join the Aviary this Saturday, May 9th, for the Urban Bird Festival, from 9:00am- 6:00pm. This all-day event features tons of local vendors, food, fun activities, and opportunities to learn and explore the birds and environment around you. The Festival also features an Urban Market with local vendors, an art gallery, a Learning Lawn for nonprofits, classes, and Tracy Aviary’s awe-inspiring tours, bird encounters, games, trainings, and more. This is a festival you won’t want to miss!

Visit Tracy Aviary’s website for a list of daily activities and membership information

USFR Members at Tracy Aviary: Becca Dupaix

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