USFR Organization Spotlight: Four Corners School

27 May 2015

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education was founded in 1984 with a mission to create lifelong learning experiences about the natural and cultural treasures of the Colorado Plateau for people of all ages and backgrounds through conservation, adventure, service, and education programs.

Located in Monticello, Utah, Four Corners School of Outdoor Education offers exciting programs, field trips, and tours. In November 2015, the organization will be opening their Canyon Country Discovery Center campus, a portal to place-based learning about the Colorado Plateau with a new type of exhibits known as learning stations, trails, programs, and much more.

Join Four Corners School in Monticello and the surrounding area this summer and fall: June 20 for a Summer Solar Spectacular; June 25 for Pioneer Days pioneer science; June 29-July 2 for the Earth, Water Sky Summer Science Camp on the San Juan River (for Utah students ages 12-18); August 11 for the Perseid Meteor Shower; September 12 for the Indian Summer Festival; and October 24 for the Comb Ridge Classic 10K Run and Harvest Festival. Don't miss the fun!

Visit Four Corners School's website for more information on the organization and upcoming activities.

USFR Members at Four Corners School: Janet Ross

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