USFR Organization Spotlight: HawkWatch International

07 July 2015

HawkWatch International works to protect hawks, eagles, owls and other birds of prey through scientific research, long-term monitoring, and public education. Increase your raptor knowledge and identification skills by attending one of our free community education programs, or take part in raptor conservation by volunteering for one of our citizen science projects and participating in field biology. Browse our community calendar and learn more about volunteer opportunities at Follow us for the latest in raptor news and stunning raptor photography on Facebook at /Hawkwatch, Instagram @floatingfeather, or Twitter @hawkwatchint.

Shop Whole Foods and support raptor conservation! HawkWatch International will receive 5% of all sales from Whole Foods SugarHouse on Thursday, July 23 as part of the 5% Community Giving Day. We will have live birds and give aways from 11am-2pm and 4-7pm. Come meet our birds while you shop and support HawkWatch International.

WholeFoods Community Giving Day 2015

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