Tons of Trends for 2017, Ways to Win at Donor Retention, More!

12 January 2017

As we start our fundraising plans for 2017, take a read through the forthcoming predictions and trends for what can be summarized as a year of uncertainty.

1. Top Ten Fundraising Trends for 2017 (Fired Up Fundraising): Gail Perry gives us her perspective on ten key trends we need to be looking out for this year, including disruption, storytelling and major gifts.

2. Five Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017 (Nonprofit Tech for Good): By way of AsianNGO magazine, some VERY good and insightful trends for technology in 2017, including a revival in email fundraising.

3. Five Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Trends for 2017 (Care 2): Allyson Kapin provides five good trends worth watching over the next 12 months. Note: like several others, she’s also prognosticating about a drop on social media engagement!

4. Five Fundraising Trends That Aren't Going Away in 2017 (NonprofitPRO): A clever way of looking at trends for 2017—here are five that will STILL be affecting us over the next 12 months.

5. Three Fundraising Trend Predictions for 2017 (Frontstream): More monthly giving and more effective P2P fundraising events—sounds like an interesting year!

6. Nine Brilliant Fundraising Trends for 2017 (@pay): Some interesting ideas here, including text-to-give for more than just events and educating donor about the security of online payments to increase trust and confidence.

7. Seven Elements Every Nonprofit Website Must Have in 2017 (.orgStrategy): Is your nonprofit website going to help or hurt your cause in 2017? These seven key elements can make or break your ability to reach your audience and convert visitors into active supporters.

8. Five Key Nonprofit Trends for 2017 (Aly Sterling Consulting): Nice focus on board cultivation, fundraising costs and building a culture of philanthropy.

9. Three Easy Ways to Win at Donor Retention in the New Year (Bloomerang): Some good stuff, including some digital tools, to make your donor retention efforts easier and more effective.

10. When Giving to Charity, Millennials Want Transparency and Accountability (The Globe and Mail): According to The Next Generation of Canadian Giving study conducted by Edge Research. It says Millennials donate an annual average gift of $639. That compares with 78 per cent of Baby Boomers who donated to charities, with an average annual gift of $942.

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