Giving USA Statistics and What They Mean for Your Fundraising

10 August 2019

The latest Giving USA report on charitable giving reminds me of two people from the upper Midwest who take a winter vacation to San Diego.  During their first day in southern California, the day is partly sunny, with a temperature of 78 degrees.  The first person proclaims gratitude for a warm, comfortable day.  The other person is glad to have packed a sweatshirt since the weather is so chilly.

The same data point: partly sunny and 78 degrees.  Two different reactions.

Similar responses have been made in the wake of this year’s Giving USA report, which announced that charitable giving topped $427 billion in 2018.  On one hand, this amount is the second highest on record and $17 billion higher than the previous year.  On the other hand, charitable giving declined by 1.7 percent when adjusting for inflation.

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