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Nonprofits to Congress: Don't Politicize Houses of Worship

18 July 2017

July 11, 2017 | AFP International, Public Policy blog

The House Appropriations Committee is considering a bill that would weaken the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits charities from directly or indirectly attempting to influence an election or defeat of any candidate for public office.

The Financial Services and Government Appropriations Act contains language that undermines the Johnson Amendment by prohibiting the Internal Revenue Service from spending any funds on determining if a house of worship or its affiliate broke the law. The only exception would be if the IRS Commissioner approves the investigation and Congress is notified well ahead of time.

The language is just one of several attempts this year by Congress and the White House to either weaken or outright eliminate the Johnson Amendment. The issue is likely to come up again later this year when Congress considers comprehensive tax reform.

The Financial Services and Government Appropriations Act may be considered this week. AFP members are encouraged to contact their Members of Congress, especially if they serve on the Appropriations Committee, and ask them to remove the Johnson Amendment provision (referred to as a “rider”) in Section 116 from the bill.

AFP announced its position on the Johnson Amendment earlier this year.


We will continue to watch this space and report back to our AFP Utah Chapter members as the issue unfolds.

Tons of Trends for 2017, Ways to Win at Donor Retention, More!

12 January 2017

As we start our fundraising plans for 2017, take a read through the forthcoming predictions and trends for what can be summarized as a year of uncertainty.

1. Top Ten Fundraising Trends for 2017 (Fired Up Fundraising): Gail Perry gives us her perspective on ten key trends we need to be looking out for this year, including disruption, storytelling and major gifts.

2. Five Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017 (Nonprofit Tech for Good): By way of AsianNGO magazine, some VERY good and insightful trends for technology in 2017, including a revival in email fundraising.

3. Five Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Trends for 2017 (Care 2): Allyson Kapin provides five good trends worth watching over the next 12 months. Note: like several others, she’s also prognosticating about a drop on social media engagement!

4. Five Fundraising Trends That Aren't Going Away in 2017 (NonprofitPRO): A clever way of looking at trends for 2017—here are five that will STILL be affecting us over the next 12 months.

5. Three Fundraising Trend Predictions for 2017 (Frontstream): More monthly giving and more effective P2P fundraising events—sounds like an interesting year!

6. Nine Brilliant Fundraising Trends for 2017 (@pay): Some interesting ideas here, including text-to-give for more than just events and educating donor about the security of online payments to increase trust and confidence.

7. Seven Elements Every Nonprofit Website Must Have in 2017 (.orgStrategy): Is your nonprofit website going to help or hurt your cause in 2017? These seven key elements can make or break your ability to reach your audience and convert visitors into active supporters.

8. Five Key Nonprofit Trends for 2017 (Aly Sterling Consulting): Nice focus on board cultivation, fundraising costs and building a culture of philanthropy.

9. Three Easy Ways to Win at Donor Retention in the New Year (Bloomerang): Some good stuff, including some digital tools, to make your donor retention efforts easier and more effective.

10. When Giving to Charity, Millennials Want Transparency and Accountability (The Globe and Mail): According to The Next Generation of Canadian Giving study conducted by Edge Research. It says Millennials donate an annual average gift of $639. That compares with 78 per cent of Baby Boomers who donated to charities, with an average annual gift of $942.

USFR is now AFP Utah Chapter

12 August 2016

We listened to you!  After conducting member surveys and evaluating how the organization can best serve its members, the Board of Directors of the Utah Society of Fundraisers (USFR) made the decision to join AFP International as the state's first AFP chapter member.

We know you have questions about our transition to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Utah Chapter (AFP Utah).  Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below for some of your answers.  If you still have a question that is now answered, please email us so we can respond and share your answer with the rest of our USFR members.  Thank you for being a USFR member, and we look forward to serving you under our new AFP Utah Chapter membership.


USFR/AFP Utah Chapter

Board of Directors


Utah Society of Fund Raisers (USFR) had been in operation since 1985, why the change to Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)?

The USFR Board of Directors conducted a survey in 2015 to ask our members if they would prefer the organization be an AFP chapter—we listened to you!  While USFR had a robust member base and provided high-quality professional development workshops and events for our members and the community each year, we were not connecting with fundraisers around the nation.  As the AFP Utah Chapter, we will continue to provide all the same high caliber programming, but now will be able to provide the rich resource bank and fund raising tool kit through AFP International.  AFP chapter members also enjoy discounts to AFP International conferences and CFRE Certification, member networking, and other great benefits.

I’m a current USFR member, what happens to my membership?

If you are a current USFR member, you will continue to receive the same member benefits until your membership expiration (access to post on the Job Board, discounts to all local workshops and events, member social events, and achieved presentations and newsletters).  To check your expiration date, click the Member Login button at the top of the website, or email us.

We strongly encourage our current USFR members to become AFP Utah Chapter members by December 31, 2016 to receiving a tier discount over the next three years.  Read below for more information on AFP membership dues.

Is AFP and individual member or organization membership?

Your AFP Utah Chapter membership is an individual membership tied to your name and contact information, whether it be a Professional, Young Professional, Retired, Associate, or Collegiate membership.  However, there are organization memberships for large and small nonprofits that offer discounts and where you assign employees memberships. Click here to view the membership categories.

How much are AFP membership dues?

AFP members pay both International dues and local chapter dues.  AFP Utah Chapter dues are the same $50 per year.  AFP International dues vary depending on the membership, but the typical Professional individual membership is $250 per year. Click here to view the membership categories and dues.

Current USFR members who sign-up to become AFP Utah Chapter members before December 31, 2016 receive AFP International discounts for the next two years.  Your first year will be $200 ($150 AFP International dues, plus $50 Utah Chapter dues); year two will be $250 ($200 AFP International dues, plus $50 Utah Chapter dues); and year three will be regular dues of $300 ($250 AFP International dues, plus $50 Utah Chapter dues).

How do I become an AFP Utah Chapter member with the reduced dues?

If you are a current USFR member and become an AFP Utah Chapter member before December 31, 2016, you will need to download the paper Membership Application form and mail it in with your check or credit card payment.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will not be able to start a new AFP membership with the reduced dues through the online system.

If I am already an AFP International member and a current USFR member, will I receive the discounted dues?

Yes.  If you are a current AFP International member you should have receieved a letter in tha mail about the new AFP Utah Chapter and how to join the local chapter with the reduced rates.  If you have questions or did not receive the letter, contact AFP International at .

I am already an AFP International member, how do I join the Utah Chapter?

AFP International members can join multiple chapters, but must pay the local chapter dues.  You can pay the $50 Utah Chapter dues and join the chapter membership.  If you are an At-Large member, contact AFP International at and request to join the Utah Chapter and pay the $50 dues.


De-mystifing the Controversial Subject of Charity Overhead

10 December 2015

Take a read through this great article by Bruce DeBoskey on the myth of non-profit overhead, and the challenges of focusing the general public on gauging charities by their outcomes and not their overhead.


2017 AFP Utah Board of Directors

20 August 2015

AFP Utah is pleased to announce our FY 2017 Board of Directors. We jumped into our new fiscal year with an all-day retreat in early September to discuss the fantastic programs we will be offering during the 2017 year, as well as the initial planning for our upcoming 2017 Fundamentals of Fundraising event. It was a fun and productive meeting, and we are excited to serve our members and promote the high standards of fund raising service Utah deserves!

USFR Organization Spotlight: HawkWatch International

07 July 2015

HawkWatch International works to protect hawks, eagles, owls and other birds of prey through scientific research, long-term monitoring, and public education. Increase your raptor knowledge and identification skills by attending one of our free community education programs, or take part in raptor conservation by volunteering for one of our citizen science projects and participating in field biology. Browse our community calendar and learn more about volunteer opportunities at Follow us for the latest in raptor news and stunning raptor photography on Facebook at /Hawkwatch, Instagram @floatingfeather, or Twitter @hawkwatchint.