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All the World is a Stage: Planning the Structure and Program for Your Event

09 April 2015

You become the director of a special kind of play when planning and producing an event. The action, activities, and entertainment at an event must be carefully scripted and planned out. There should be a strong opening, surpris¬es, a climax, and an exciting finale—all advanc¬ing at the appropriate pace.

Speakers, music, and entertainment are essential tools that allow you to engage with your guests, tell your story, and deliver your important message to donors. You must thought¬fully think out all of the elements you plan to include in your programming.

Engaging Corporations and Their Employees Through Volunteer Opportunities

06 April 2015

Corporate fundraising is a constantly shifting landscape; charitable giving budgets have been slashed, and companies are under increasing pressure to see a return on their community investments.

USFR Organization Spotlight: IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center

04 April 2015

The IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center works to enrich the lives of the Jewish community and the community at large by offering educational, cultural and recreational opportunities in a place where people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs gather in peace and understanding.

Summer is here and so is the JCC to offer a variety of summer activities from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, including summer camps for children 2 – 16 years-old, a swim and dive team, and gorgeous indoor and outdoor pool facilities.

Using 990s in Foundation Research

17 March 2015

You’ve seen their names on buildings and programs, in honor rolls and news articles: there are many charitable foundations located right here in the great state of Utah, and they are giving away millions of dollars each year. But how do you tap into that wealth? How do you know if they’ll even be interested in what your nonprofit does?

Resilient Leadership – 10 Protective Factors

16 March 2015

Resilience is defined as the ability to bounce back and subsequently flourish following adversity (Lutherar & Cicchetti, 2000). Drs. Nicole Detling, Stephen Gonzalez, and Nick Galli, sport psychology consultants, developed a framework for resiliency in sports, which has been adapted for application to leadership:

Making the Most of a First Contact

11 March 2015

In my current role, I focus heavily in corporate relations. One thing I consistently struggle with, is how to make that first initial connection.

Between e-mail, phone, snail mail, and social media, there are countless ways to reach out. But the truth is, there’s no best practice method. It’s a matter of personal preference on their end.