Raising $1M in One Night ...and Online! Webinar Resources

Thank you for attending AFP Utah's recent webinar featuring the Development Team for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area (RMHC). We have included the video of the webinar below, along with questions that were asked in the chat throughout the event. 



Workshop Q&A 


What tools did you use to live stream the event?

Facebook LIve and KUTV2 live broadcast


Did the actual silent auction go for several days, or only for a few hours?

For a week prior to the event and ending the night of the event.


What avenue was the silent auction done through?



With the FB Live streaming, did you also link that to a FB event invite, with live streaming details? Or was that included in the printed/electronic invites?

We marketed the FB Live Streaming on Facebook - but we did not create a Facebook event. We sent live-streaming info via email, text, and social media channels.


Did you get pushback from asking businesses for Silent Auction items?

We were wrapping up our silent auction procurement...so we had the majority of our items. We stopped actively requesting and only followed up on pending solicitations. We did have many donations come through even after we stopped soliciting.

I also think that as things start opening up there are opportunities to spotlight local businesses who may want to get more support right now. Maybe looking at the way you can spotlight donors via your social media channels or email/newsletters can become a win/win.


How long did your actual event go, night of?

We started at 5:30 with a Facebook Live. We then had the broadcast from 6-7PM. Another Facebook Live for the opportunity drawing from 7:30 - 7:45PM.


What is the auction site you work with?

Auction by ABC


Did you collect credit card information ahead of time?

Yes. That was part of the registration process in GiveSmart. 

Registration had a few parts: text Spirit2020 to the phone number. It would ask for a First Name, Last Name and email. At that point, it would text them a link to the site. For our Virtual Event, we turned on additional requests for an email and mailing address. Once donors tried to bid on items, it would prompt them to add a credit card. So it takes a couple minutes, depending on how tech savvy the donors were. This is one big reason we tried to make sure that our donors pre-registered earlier in the week!


What were the 4 revenue streams?

Sponsorships, Helping Hands, Auction, Opportunity Drawing/Syndicate